At Curated we will build you an entirely bespoke collection tailored to your space be it on land or sea. working within an agreed framework we will take care of absolutely everything from the art on the walls to the silver on the table so all you have to do is enjoy it. We work very closely with our clients to get a clear understanding of the space and your lifestyle as for us art and pieces should all have a place or a purpose.From that initial decision of acquiring a piece we then take care of everything until it is sitting beautifully in its rightful place.


Victor Diaz has over 20 years experience being a very success interior designing homes across North America. A collector himself, throughout his career he has always incorporated art and antiques into much of his work.Oliver Newton, coming directly from the art & antique industry is constantly keeping his finger on the pulse keeping up to date with all the auction houses globally and trawling the world for hidden treasures. Together Oliver & Victor are able to therefore build beautiful collections for your home, yacht or office with the knowledge that it is also a great investment. Working in both the art world and interior design world it became clear to both Oliver & Victor that many of us love to live with beautiful objects however cannot find the time to travel the world or simply do not want the hassle of finding these pieces, transporting them and then working out how to place them.


For more information on building your own collection please email:


Europe: Oliver Newton - +44 7545 955 763

North & South America: Victor Diaz - 305 632 6984

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