At Curated we offer an all round service. Victor coming from both an art and design background offer the service of designing, even building your home and placing wonderful works of art throughout your space. Victor Diaz who is one of America's most sought after interior designers will perfectly place the pieces so that the whole collection works together beautifully. The way the pieces are displayed is crucial to their overall impact. The art, whether that be paintings on your walls or silver on your table should work beautifully with your home and this is something that at Curated we offer. We strongly believe that art and antiques have a firm place in the 21st century home and the juxtaposition, for example, of contemporary art with 19th century marble sculptures and 18th English silver on a very contemporary table is how these pieces look at their very best. 

Apart from simply designing the collection the sourcing and acquisitions side is of great importance to us. We pride ourselves of having a wide network of connections in both the major global auction houses, dealers and private collectors given the ability to acquire important pieces. Art should first and for most be acquired if you truly love the piece however it is very important to know that ones investment is safe. Our knowledge of the global art and antique market enables us at Curated to offer substantial investment advice when acquiring pieces from the smallest to the most important of pieces.